Create a collection or round
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There are various options to create an empty round or collection.ย 

In the sidebar you can click "+ Add Collection" or "+ Add Round" to create either a round or collection.

  • Give your collection or round a title or name (optional).

  • Set the "Content to be evaluated" and the "Evaluation mode"

  • By defining the "Content to be evaluated" you set the list mode of the collection or round. Once you add submissions to the collection or round "Entire submission" lists Authors, "Individual projects" lists projects and "Individual images" shows single images.

  • By defining the "Evaluation mode" you activate either Five-Star Rating or Simple Voting. It is also possible to create collections or rounds without evaluation

  • Additionally for Five-Star Rating you can decide if you want to receive the average value or a sum of the Jury's evaluation.

  • Save by clicking "create collection".

The settings can be changed until the first evaluation has been placed in the round or collection.

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