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An easy way to reach out and contact all your entrants, winners or shortlisted artists via email is MailChimp. Create a new mailing list and tags for Mailchimp right within Picter. No need for copying and pasting large lists of email addresses.

To activate the integration please follow these steps:

  • Click on the three vertical dots besides your contest’s name to access the „Mailchimp Integration“

  • Once you are familiar with the Mailchimp API key you can enter and save it on Picter. This is done by clicking „Save API Key And Create List“ in the integration menu.

  • You should see a green checkmark that visualizes the connection in Picter and a newly created list on your Mailchimp account that looks something like „Picter - Your Contest Name“. The list should also be empty

  • To create a tag for a selection of authors, navigate to the submission list, round or collection you want to send your information

  • Select the authors, projects or images

  • Use „Bulk Action“ —> „Send to Mailchimp“, Give the tag a name that appears in Mailchimp and confirm by clicking „create and send“

  • Depending on the amount of transmitted emails the creation of such a tag in the Mailchimp list can take a few minutes. It can seem like nothing is happening in the beginning but Mailchimp needs a while to process the incoming addresses and names.

  • Finished!! You can now create a campaign and use that list or tag in Mailchimp

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