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Export image files
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To download a .zip archive containing images in a pre-structured format please follow these steps:

- Navigate to the round or collection you want to download images from. In all submissions please choose the type of content (Authors, Projects, Images). Depending on the type of content you select, you receive a different folder structure.


- Select the Authors, Projects or Images you want to extract by checking the boxes. You can also bulk select all by using the checkbox from the top bar

- Click on "Bulk Action" and select "Download items"


- A zip archive is generated and downloaded to your computer. Depending on the amount of images and your local internet connection download speeds can vary.

- Extract the .zip file by double clicking the file in your download folder

If a contest requires image sizes below 3000px to be entered, downloading of images files is limited to a display resolution of 1500px on the long side. Additionally, downloading of images is only available to Manager accounts.

More information about roles and permissions can be found here.

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