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I'm representing others / Creating a submission for someone else
I'm representing others / Creating a submission for someone else

Coordinator mode. How to submit as an entry coordinator.

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In addition to the regular submission process, there is the option to switch to "I'm representing others" on the introduction page. Make the switch if you are entering one or multiple submissions on behalf for other people. For example if you are an entry coordinator, assistant representing an artist or enter as a collective.

If the "I'm representing others" button isn't visible, make sure there are no projects attached. Remove projects on the "upload" section, via the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

After switching to the coordinator mode you need to provide basic personal information as required by the contest.

On the "Entries" section create your first person via "add person" in the top right corner.

  • You need to add a profile to the person via the "profile" option. Provide all profile requirements as determined by the contests rules.

  • Via +ADD PROJECT you add the project for the person you are representing.

  • You can add as many projects to a person as defined by the contest's requirements.

  • Make sure to provide all required descriptions and files within the required scope.

Once all persons you represent have the project you want to enter and all files and descriptions are uploaded you can navigate to the "submit" stage via next.

Any missing details will be highlighted in red. Adjust where necessary and "submit" once everything is ready.

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