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How can I add my CV to my Picter profile?
How can I add my CV to my Picter profile?
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For your convenience, you can choose from two possibilities to add your CV to your Picter profile:

1. Either you upload a PDF file containing your CV.

2. Or you enter your CV in the text field.

If you enter the CV in the textfield, you can follow this simple formatting rule:

YYYY # Name of event
YYYY-MM # Name of event

2016 # Master Degree in Photography
2015-05 # Exhibition ‚Nowhere‘, Gallery f5.6, Münich


In the near future we will replace this textfield by a more sophisticated CV editor with separate fields for each part of an entry. When following the formatting rules most of your entries can be migrated into the new cv-editor automatically. We will inform all users, as soon as the new CV editor is available.

Note: You don't have to apply this format.

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